Custom Home Builder Bryan & College Station Tx.

Home building shows no sign of slowing anytime soon in the Bryan/College Station Tx area.

However, while people are still moving to the city, it doesn’t mean that you like how new home construction looks.


Some homes are better suited for large families, which only wastes space for those who live alone or with a spouse. Rather than getting forced into the same uninspired styles and plans, you can have custom homes that you will love.


At Doug Bryan Homes, we remain the trusted choice in custom built homes and homehold renovation projects. When cookie cutter new home builders fail to impress, we work with you to create your ideal dream home.


When you choose us for your project, it means gorgeous exteriors, rugged wooden interiors, and most customizable features to select from. We design homes for any request and budget, providing years of happy living in a home created in part, by you.


Whether you need somewhere to feel at ease during your retirement years or somewhere you can raise a family, we remain the best choice for your home builder services. Contact us today for your best home remodeling or custom designed home.

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Custom Interior Designs

Doug Bryan Homes has been building homes for the Brazos Valley for the last 40 years. From start to finish we can customize your home to the exact specifications you would like in a new home in Bryan/College Station.

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Home Building Services

When it comes to Custom Homes in the Brazos Valley we offer a variety of services. From initial plan design to your new finished home we provide excellence and quality is our commitment.


Our Gallery

Take a look at our home gallery to see the designs and custom homes we have been able to provide to the people of Bryan/College Station Texas. Give us a call today to get some ideas for your new custom home.

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At Doug Bryan Homes,home builders Bryan Tx. we have remained the premier custom home builder throughout the communities of Bryan TX and College Station TX for  a long time. With over 40 years in the residential construction industry, our designers have the expertise you can trust for a personalized home building project.

As a local family owned and operated builder, we provide a deeper level of personalized service than most home building companies. We work with your ideas at each stage of the process, ensuring that you love every custom creation.

We also realize that not everyone maintains the budget or the ability to construct a home or remodel their existing residence. That is why we continue providing your best quality custom home building, personalized design services, home renovation options, and interior design options.

Whether you need more from your home than what tract housing builders will offer, or you need to just update the appearances of your existing rooms, our team provides the best in custom home upgrades. Contact us now to begin designing your new home or for the best in-home upgrading options.

Why Custom Home Building?

Typical homes get built with one or two different sets of plans and a handful of potential upgrades. Outside of these options, your home looks just like every one of your neighbors.

Custom home construction provides you the freedom to tell your building service what you need your home to do. Whether you have a specific set of lighting that you need in your kitchen or you do not want wasted space you’ll never use, we make home building simple every day.

No one else provides you with a home that looks and feels how you dreamed that it would. Choose Doug Bryan Homes for the best custom homes.

Our Construction 

Your home is one of your most valued assets and we take pride in quality construction that will last a lifetime. 

Our Reputation

We have a reputation for trustworthy contracting and construction throughout the Brazos Valley area.
Our Focus
We value or customers and honor them as family by treating them with  respect and honesty.

Custom Home Builders Bryan Tx

Some people only imagine what they could do with a customized home built from the ground up. Whether you wish you could feel like you were in the crowd watching the big game or there are baking recipes you don’t have enough room to make, everyone fantasizes that they could have a home built around their needs.

However, what residents are not aware of is that a custom home doesn’t need always to be a mansion. For some, they may discover that building a home is less expensive than buying one from a real estate agent or by a manufacturer.

Whenever you use a real estate brokerage, you must pay a percentage as a commission out of the final agreed price. That means that even if you receive the offer you want for your home, you still have to pay more than you expected during the sale.

Instead, we build your home, and you live in it once we finish. There are no hidden fees or unnecessary discounts, and no games to entice you to purchase.

When the typical home purchasing experience isn’t working for you, it means going a different route to discovering your perfect place to live. Contact us now to see why we are still the best choice in College Station home building services.


Home Builders 

The problem with many national building companies is that they use a similar design for most of their units throughout the country. That means that when they create an entire subdivision of perfect copies, it may not always provide the solutions that you need the most.

That is often too little of kitchen cabinet space, dysfunctional bathrooms, and cheap carpet that quickly wears out. Instead, you prefer something that incorporates all of your preferences.

As your trusted name in custom home builder creations, we work with you at every step of the process. From the first design plan to the final finish nail, your satisfaction is our top concern.

For more than  40 years, we’ve provided the best in local home remodel and new construction options that more residents enjoy. See why more people consider us the dependable choice in Central Texas home builder options.

Providing quality is critical to us on every job, no matter how small or complicated it might be. Contact us for better home construction services throughout the broader Bryan and College Station TX communities.

 Home Builder

Whether you already have a home that you need to upgrade or you’re looking for a better housing option, Doug Bryan Homes provides everything that you need. We offer a variety of design choices to help take your ideas further on any project regardless of scope.

From single room renovation services to planning and designing a custom home, we offer it all and more. When you need confidence that you will love your home for a lifetime, you need us to assist.

Other home builders  will continue using the same designs everyone else has already built for years. Contact us today for your new favorite home with:

  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Unique Window Dimensions
  • Custom Door Creations
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Tile Flooring
  • Custom Shower Enclosures
  • Upgraded Lighting
  • Custom Wood Cabinets
  • Custom Paint Matching
  • Professional Interior Design
  • Personalized Design Planning
  • Living Room Renovations
  • Kitchen Upgrades
  • Laundry Room Updating
  • Bathroom Renovation Services
  • Bedroom Upgrades
  • Home Additions
  • Custom Driveways
  • And more customized solutions for your perfect home.

Whatever design features you find yourself imagining, our team can bring it to life. When you need experienced and reliable home builders, College Station residents turn to us for better designs.

Why settle for ordinary when we can welcome you to a home that is truly yours? Contact us today to start designing your residence now.

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New Homes College Station

Our company is a family-owned home building service College Station TX prefers working with time and again. In as little as 15 minutes over the phone or a 45-minute in-person consultation, we can begin designing your perfect place to live.

Collectively, we bring more than 40 years of construction knowledge and experience, which we put to the test on every project. Whether you know just what your custom plans need to include, or you need to look through our image gallery for ideas, we make your designs simple.

Whether there is a specific architectural style you can’t seem to find or a unique theme for the interior, we can best assist you with it all. Why go through the hassle of hiring realtors and touring homes you don’t like when we remain here for you?

Enjoy the best new homes Bryan TX has with our design and construction. We strive to achieve the results you had hoped for each time.

Bryan TX Home Remodel

Sometimes, you have no other alternative but to settle for prefabricated homes some other home building service in Bryan constructed. And while it provides somewhere to lay your head at night, it just isn’t what you want from your residence.

The right construction team can take your existing home and radically change nearly any features it contains. Whether you love your bedroom and hate your bathroom, or you have a family room you can’t stand, we can best assist you each time.

There is no reason why you should continue suffering through rooms that don’t work the way that they should. Drawers that don’t pull out and poorly designed pantries are a thing of the past.

We have years of experience in creating wholly customizable shower stalls, kitchen cabinets, expanded ceilings, and more. From a fresh coat of paint and a redesigned bedroom to tearing down and rebuilding bathrooms, we offer it all.

Custom Home Builder Near Me

When I first started building custom homes, I said that the home builders near me just didn’t offer enough variety. After completing our custom home, I decided to dedicate myself to helping others with their building needs as well.

Contact our team today for a better home building option now. Quality is critical to Doug Bryan Homes.



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